What shall I bring?

If you have young children, please bring with you everything that you would usually take on a day out. i.e Nappies, spare clothes, milk etc (although we do keep some emergency supplies!)

Sometimes entering a new environment can be a lot for young children to take in. It might be useful to bring your child’s favourite toy or something familiar to help them feel at ease.

What about hair and make up?

We do ask that you come with your hair and make-up prepared. If you do feel like treating yourself, we do work with a top hair and make up artist that can be available to you at an extra cost of approximately £60.

We would recommend this service for models wishing to create a portfolio as stronger lighting is used and bolder makeup and hair is required to create the desired effects or for any ladies wishing to make the most of their photoshoot.

How many photos do you take in a typical photoshoot?

We will generally shoot between 100 – 200 photos during a typical session. These will be edited down to approximately 30 images for your viewing.

Can we have different combinations of people in one sitting?

Of course! We know how difficult it can be at times to get all the family together so make the most of it. If you would like singles, couples, family groups or a complete mixture, please let us know. We will do our best to shoot as many photos and combinations as you would like during the allocated hour.

Can I have Black and White as well as colour?

Absolutely! We shoot every photo in colour and can then make any photograph black and white.

Why do I have to wait a week for my viewing?

Out of the 100 plus pictures we shoot, not all of them will be perfect. We will edit your session and eradicate blinks and clone one head from one person to another if necessary to create a great shot of everybody. This is highly skilled work and many hours are put into getting your photos looking fabulous before you return for your viewing.

How long does a viewing session last?

This will all depend on how decisive you are! On average we find that an hour will be enough time for you to choose. If you know you are looking for several products and may require more time then please do let us know when you book in.

In our experience, we do recommend that just parents attend the viewing as young children become very restless when asked to sit still for an hour.

Please feel free to bring grandparents or friends along too if you would like a second opinion.

Can you airbrush pictures?

Yes we can! Hannah previously worked as a retoucher before she became a photographer. We can banish spots & pimples, iron out wrinkles whiten teeth, tidy eyebrows, the list goes on. Your wish is our command and is always included within the price.

Do you charge extra for this?

Of course not. Everything is included within the prices of the products.

How long will it take before my order is ready?

This will depend entirely on what you order. Wall products are generally back with us from the labs within 10 working days to 2 weeks. If you are looking for a product for a special occasion i.e birthday/anniversary then please do tell us. We always do our best to ensure your products are returned to you as soon as possible.

Can I order more photos at a later date, at Christmas for example?

Yes of course. We aim to keep your photos on file for 3 months after your photoshoot. We use 21 megapixel cameras which produce enormous files. This does mean that our servers do become full fairly quickly with the volume of clients but we will always aim to keep them for at least 3 months.

Do you sell Gift vouchers?

We certainly do. We can provide you with a gift voucher that can either be used towards a sitting, prints or a wall product. You decide what you would like to spend and we will make a voucher for you. Just call or drop in for more details.

How can I make a booking?

Please phone us at the studio, email or drop by to arrange a time that is convenient for you.

Do you work in the evening?

We understand that families are notoriously difficult to get together. We can offer you appointments in the evening or outside our opening hours. Please call the studio for more details.